Step-by-Step Process Overview

Our exporting process is being illustrated to show you how we work. This detailed explanation of our work will surely bring confidence in you to collaborate with us. The step by step process below is our way of exporting your ordered goods to your location worldwide. Starting from the order received from you to acknowledgement of shipment received has been explained in detail.

1 .Understanding customers requirement , estimating cost , share quotation .
2. Purchase order acceptance – sourcing of products
3. Fresh potato sourcing from parent company Bhawani Cold storage pvt ltd / Dehydrated products from associated manufacturers.
4. Fresh potato sourcing from trusted farmers.
5. Processing of dehydrated products
6. Administrating quality check of sourced products, packaging and labelling as as per customer requirement .
7. Truck loading and dispatch from site location .
8. Custom clearance and truck unloading .
9 . The product to be exported will be loaded in the vessel container at indian port .
10 . Vessel container will be loaded in the cargo ship will be ready to dispatch from Indian port .
11. Shipment acknowledgement will be shared with our valuable customer abroad .