Dehydrated Potato powder

It guarantees appropriate flavor, surface, mixture advancement time, and smell. Potato flour has been created as a gluten free option in contrast to wheat flour.



Potato Powder

Potato flour is the fine ground white or off white powder processed using dried potato. It is ordinarily utilized in without gluten baking in the mix with different flours to guarantee appropriate flavour, surface, mixture advancement time, and smell. Potato flour is the best alternate of gluten free flour in contrast to wheat flour, as a financially savvy fixing to counter incidental exorbitant costs and shortage of baking flour. We ensure great care while processing potato powder which give original and genuine Taste, Aroma, No additional shading, flavour, or additive utilized Wealthy in taste. 100 percent Pure and Natural.

It is frequently mistaken for potato starch, our potato powder is created from dried-out potatoes though potato starch is extracted from potato itself without drying.


Potato powder can be utilized in an assortment of arrangements like nibble food varieties, soups, curries, and different dishes as a thickening specialist.

It can be used as an alternative of corn flour to make cutlets for crispy dishes etc. Holds property of good binder.

It can be Blended in with different sorts of flour for baking bread and rolls, rolls, flapjacks, bread, biscuits, treats.

It tends to be crushed into flour and used to get ready gulab jamuns and paratha (traditional Indian dishes).

Longer Storage Life – It can be used for long period as compared to fresh potato. One has to ensure to keep in airtight container or packets.

 Medical advantages:

It is high in numerous nutrients, for example, including L-ascorbic acid and vitamin B6; it is additionally a decent wellspring of potassium, calcium, and wealthy in dietary fibres, and contains some protein, also.

The human body is generally ready to break Potato flour/Powder down into sugar somewhat rapidly, making them really great for speedy eruptions of energy.

The fibres presents in potato flour can assist food to traveling through your stomach digestive system more rapidly i.e. ease in digestion.

Potato flour is without gluten, and that implies that it is a protected wheat flour elective for individuals who can’t consume gluten.

 Product Specification:

Product name Dehydrated Potato Powder
Brand BG’s Dried 
form Powder
Ingredient Dehydrated potato
color Off white color
Specialty No preservatives, no artificial flavor. No artificial color.
Moisture 4.30%
Acid insoluble ASH 0.25%
Total ASH 2.50%
Taste & pungency Typical of fresh potato
Quality available A grade
Country of origin India


Packaging Specification:

Minimum order quantity                                 12 MT
Packaging size 25 KG
Packaging type Laminated paper bag
Cargo container capacity 20 Ft container – 12 MT , 40 Ft container 25  MT
Packaging specialty Customized packaging solution available


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