Dehydrated Potato flakes

Dried out potato chips are made by squeezing cooked pureed potatoes on to a drum drier, which structure a sheet that can be separated and ground to the necessary thickness. Utilizing the potato drops to supplant the new potato will extraordinarily work on the creation cycle; decrease the expense and increment efficiency. Timeframe of realistic usability is much better then new potato you can undoubtedly keep chips till a half year .The potato pieces are additionally utilized as a swap for different flour such corn flour, wheat flour and so on



Potato is a rich source of energy , minerals , Vitamins along with high amount of carbs and fat thus many people don’t prefer to add potato in there meal . Dehydrated potato flakes are made by squeezing the potato drying it cooked pureed potatoes on to a drum drier, which structure a sheet that can be separated and ground to the necessary thickness. All the water extracted and eliminated during process thus it become high fibres, contain protein with low carbs and fat also make it easy to digest. Shelf life and storage is much better than new potato you can undoubtedly keep flakes till one year. Potato flakes can be used in many ways where mashed potato used offer convenience and reduce cost, saves time. We ensure quality while processing so that the authentic and original taste remains same like fresh potato.


Potato flakes are used in ready-to eat vegetable gravies, soups, stew, sauces as a thickening agent.

It are also used in the manufacturing of texturized potato products, snack pellets, chips and others.

Mashed Potato: Just add some water to our dehydrated potato flakes stir well and mashed potato is ready eliminate boiling and peeling process.

Bakery Industries: using to slow the drying effect as it holds anti stalling property and improve colour crust.

Meat Processing: It can be used as extender and binder in food like minced mutton balls. Fish cutlets, meat/chicken nuggets, frozen meat.

Baby food, Chips and French fries etc.

Medical Advantages:

Potato flakes contain various essential elements like, iron, potassium, vitamin C  consist of flavonoid which helps to keep the bad cholesterol low, it is light and presence of dietary fibre makes it very easy to digest.

It helps to boost the body immunity due to presence of rich amount of fibre content which helps in the reduction of body fat.

Easy to digest hence it is preferred for old aged group people this factor is giving boost to the growth of potato flakes.

 Product Specification:

Product name Potato flakes
Brand BG’s Dried 
form flakes
Size 3-5 mm
Ingredient Dehydrated potato
color White to pale yellow
Specialty No preservatives, no artificial flavor, No artificial colors.
Moisture 6-9%
Reducing sugar 1-3% maximum
Density ( tapped ) 230-300 g/l
Taste & pungency Typical of fresh potato
Quality available A Grade
Country of origin India


Packaging Specification:

Minimum order quantity 10 MT
Packaging size 20 KG
Packaging type Laminated paper bag
Cargo container capacity 20 Ft container – 10-11 MT , 40 Ft container 22-23 MT
Packaging specialty Customized packaging solution available


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