Dehydrated White onion Powder



Onion Powder is extracted from Dehydrated Onion converted into finely ground powder crushed to shifting degrees from flakes to powder. Onion powder tends to be produced using any sort of onion, be it gnawing white, milder red, or better yellow utilized as kind of preparing in Pizza and burgers across the globe. It can be used in various recipe like mixed greens, soups, and sauces, to chips for enhancing flavour of onion.

Onion powder have several nutrition’s i.e. vitamin B-6 and C , protein , carb, folate, iron , cholesterol, potassium, manganese, calcium , phosphorus. Different advantages related with onion powder are longer timeframe of realistic usability, immaterial carbohydrate level, and simple stockpiling and transportation. We offer pure and natural quality of Onion powder in two varieties red onion powder & white onion powder processed under hygienic environment which give similar taste of fresh onion It have ability to transform any recipe .


Clinical USE:

Blend a spoonful of onion powder in a glass of tepid water. Combination of honey and half teaspoon of pepper in it. Have a go at having this routinely on void stomach to diminish hack and cold side effect and bronchial issues.

Due to the presence of bio-active consumption of onion powder can reduce hair fall. Simply add a spoon of onion powder in a glass of water to notice stamped outcomes.

Different USES:

Significantly utilized in Frozen food like frozen pizzas, frozen burgers, dressings salad, sauces, and chips as a flavour enhancer. It can also be used in Pasta, Noodles, oats Soups.

It can be utilised in various ready to eat food like instant noodle, soups, gravies etc.

Onion powder offers gives that umami-forward, practically nostalgic-Tasting something-something that keeps you returning many more than one nibble.

It tends to be utilized in present enormous flavour without extra wetness or surface: Think dry rubs, popcorn seasoning, potato flakes, mixed nuts, hamburgers, or the digging for chicken cutlets.

Medical advantages OF ONION POWDER:

The bio active components found in onion helps to increase immunity also helps in avoiding bacterial infection disease like fungal infections.

Onion powder have properties of treating bronchitis and asthmatic circumstances. It also helps in decreasing chest and nasal blockage disposes of overabundance sputum and stops nasal release.

Sulfur and quercetin presence in onion powder intensely restrains the arrival of sugar into the blood and builds the insulin levels in the body.

The hypoglycaemic property of onion powder assumes an essential part in lessening the glucose level of the body.

Onion powder consist of calcium which builds bones strength and decrease the gamble of breakage

Due to the presence of bio-active consumption of onion powder can reduce hair fall.

The counter bombastic property of onion powder lessens the arrangement of gas in the nutritious trench, along these lines diminishing swelling, fart, and stomach distension.

Product Specification:

Product name Dehydrated White onion Powder
Brand BG’s Dried 
form Powder
Ingredient Dehydrated White Onion
color White
Specialty No preservatives, no artificial flavor, no artificial color
Moisture 4.17%
Acid insoluble ASH 0.41%
Total ASH 4.55%
Taste & pungency Natural and pure taste of white onion.
Quality available Premium A grade
Country of origin India

 Packaging Specification:

Minimum order quantity                                       14 MT
Packaging size 25 KG
Packaging type Laminated paper bag
Cargo container capacity 20 Ft container – 14-15 MT , 40 Ft container- 25 MT
Packaging specialty Customized packaging solution available


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